What is "Skip the Games"

We are an open and free dating and personals platform. Most of the women on our site are female escorts, and there are some people who are just here looking for a good time. If you are looking for somebody to marry or a long term relationship, skipthegames.tv is probably not for you. We are more geared towards casual sex and excitement.

Q. Do I have to pay to use the site?

A. No you don't have to pay, our servics and free and open. What happens between you and the women on this site is a private matter. We do not charge.

Q. How do I contact women on here?

A. You will need to register for an account once you are ready to start talking to women. It takes a few minutes and does not require much info.

Q. What categories do you offer?

A. We are strictly "women for men" on here. There are no other categories. When you browse a city you are strictly looking at females who are looking for men.