Wednesday September 27th, 2023

Hit that thing that swings in the back of my throat

Heyyyyy you. Yes you! still here ? Okay keep reading Im clearly not gunna give my name because noone cares ( unless you have a wierd ass prefrence for names ) butima lightly melaninated lil thang thats cute in the face and thick in the waist . I feel like I see the same posts on here all the time ( shoutout tothe professional guy who needs head by St.Peters in post religiously ) so I doubt ill find what Im looking for but hey who knows...shit surprise me everyday like petty ass weather ( pick a season and STICK TO IT ) Im looking for a man who enjoys...lets call it lettuce. Cause I enjoy giving it ...but i dont want to just enjoy it. I want this man to make me enjoy it. J want this man to use me to satisfy his needs till he feedsme and he can go on about his day. Whether the weapon of choice is handcuffs, rope or pure strength alone...i don't care. I want to be at this man's will. Anything could happen to me , I dont know. All I know is I have to open wide for sir and give myself up completely because im too weak to defendmyself. " open your mouth it or else .......mmmm that's right takeit " So can you ?....before you ask...YES im real and yeah im serious. Lastly I doubt i have 2 worry about this because we're all onsite looking desperate but i need someone who wont kiss and tell. Be discreet af. Now ill patiently wait ...

  • Age 21