Monday December 05th, 2022

Found bf has same fantasies i really want but embarrassed to ask so help me surprise him.

Hey guys I'm really just looking for a group or one guy that I can trust to help get the guys needed.Recently my bf has been having a hard time and I want to do something special so I did some snooping to find out some of his fantasies he's always wanted but are kinky and would never ask me or anyone but I'm the same way and we have a few that are the same. I would never have done them without knowing he's there and wants it too. I plan on getting a room tomorrow night and say I want to get kinky and surprise him and I got his best friend to text him and say I said I was planning this but he took it further and set uphis fantasies. I don't want him to know I'm aware or want it too till after but as I'm blindfolded he can start filming me and a group shows up and beforehand I'll say I want to get you off as much as possible to try and cover me in cum but I don't want to stop so I want to him keep going using my toys until he's ready giving him the chance to always have a guy getting a turn. We even have a dp toy he's always wanted to use and I'll say I want it hopefully getting a real dp instead. I am nervous so I may have a few drinks to loosen up but act like I'm worse than I am so he will think it will be easy and I won't notice lol. Hopefully it works out but either way we both always wanted this and I know he's said he would love if he could cover me and I want it because I want to feel it all over me and I did it one at a time by myself. Ego booster I guess. Anyway if your a group or know a group that would like to do this email me. I'll send stats and pics. Send stats and pics And how many you can get.

  • Age 25